Powertable Platin-Edition

The platinum edition is a coffee table which leaves nothing to be desired: the V8 motor block placed in the centre of the table is fully functional. With a hand-wheel mounted on the side of the motor, all pistons can be moved as it is the case in any real V8 engine. Furthermore, several lighting effects provide the illusion of a “running” engine: For example, if the pistons are moved using the hand-wheel, red LED lights will flash exactly at the point of ignition of each piston. Also, a blue underbody lighting system combined with a mirror on the bottom of the table is installed, which effectively illuminates the engine and lets you observe the interior of the engine as it moves from your sofa. In this version, the glass plate is supported on four newly produced aluminium pistons and connecting rods, which are mounted on the motor. This version is highly customizable: from colors to details of the lighting system and many other features, everything can be changed according to your whishes. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on your personal platin edition.

Available from $ 7’600.-

excl. 8% VAT.