Powertable Gold-Edition

The gold edition is a stylish coffee table with a fully functional, real V8-engine built-in.
The original motor block is dismantled, carefully cleaned and sand-blasted and afterwards re-assembled and re-built. The original pistons are also re-assembled and the original movement of the pistons in the engine can be simulated using a small hand-wheel mounted on the side of the table. The glass plate of this coffee table is supported by four additional, newly built aluminium pistons and connecting rods. These new parts – hand-crafted by our crew – fit the original pistons and provide a solid and stylish support for the glass plate. Rubber O-rings incorporated into the top of the supporting pistons provide further help stabilizing the glass plate.
Our gold edition: Stylish and completely functional, an eye-catcher with built-in aha!-experience.

Available from $ 6’000.-

excl. 8% VAT.